Tālā - The Road to Financial Freedom

The Road to Financial Freedom

Life is so unpredictable you never know which direction it will take you.

Nine months ago we asked ourselves “how can we manage our finances so that we can get ahead in life?”  This is a question many of us face – and despite the abundance of books, TV shows, blogs and courses on managing finances most of us still struggle with it.

Unless you’re living in a jungle in a remote part of the world, one thing that we all have in common is the need to spend money. How much we spend will make all the difference between taking the hard or easy road to financial freedom.

Fast track to today and we’re excited to be launching the free Tālā app next month which has been designed with you in mind. Tālā will give you the ability to:

  • Set a daily spending target and getting a reward for achieving your goals
  • Plan ahead for upcoming expenses
  • Chat and share your tips with your family, friends or even a village anywhere in the world!

You can manage your finances anywhere, anytime and with anyone that you choose – safely, securely and for free.

Get the app for your Android or iPhone!