5 Simple Ways to Save

Saving doesn’t have to be boring – here are 5 simple ways to save while being creative and having fun:

Dine with friends – at your place

Eating out with friends is one way of eating into your budget. Why not host a simple, fun dinner at your own place instead? You can make it a themed dinner, like ‘1960’s fashion’ or ‘Star Wars’, where everyone brings a plate and dresses to the theme. Entertain your guests by watching movies at home or playing cards… or have some fun coming up with your own entertainment options! Saving money doesn’t have to be boring.

30-day challenge

We live in an age of instant gratification, but the next time you just “have” to buy that new dress or those beautiful new shoes, ask yourself if they are really worth your hard-earned tālā. If you wait for just 30 days before you splash out, your urge to buy it would have (usually!) faded, and you would have saved yourself money by simply delaying the purchase.

Plan your family meals

If you plan your meals for the week, you’ll not only save money, you’ll also eat healthy. It doesn’t take a lot of time to plan, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it easy – use a meal planner.

Shop smart

Write down a list of what you need before you go to the supermarket. And stick to your list when you shop. That way, you won’t make those impulse buys! Plus, you’ll buy only those items that you can fit into your meal plan and you won’t waste ingredients.

Eat before you shop! Strange but true: People who go to the supermarket on an empty stomach tend to spend more. So tank up with good food before you head out to shop for groceries.

Happy kids

Children usually want your time and attention, not expensive toys and gizmos. This is especially true for young children. If you have a backyard, why not teach them how to plant and grow veges? or how about a walk in the park or teaching them how to ride a bike? Sometimes a roll of butcher paper and colour pencils are all they need to express their creative side. So keep them entertained – while saving your family money.

Feed your saving habit

The next time you have the urge to splash out on yourself, or on your family and friends, take a deep breath. Pause. Think creatively, have some fun, and feed your saving habit.